Kamil Kus CEO of CKdesign

Name: Kamil Kus

Title: Web and UX Designer

Occupation: CEO

Who is Kamil?

When it comes to Content Management System Kamil has been on the forefront compared to his peers, and know WordPress website design from the ground up since its very beginning. For the last 5 years he has been active in the Website Design community not just as a designer but also as a skilled developer.


Thanks to his experience taking part on dogpatchlabs.com projects as a developer, designer and business advisor. He has been collaborating with many charities such as  collaborations.website  to improve their online presence and create UX and UI designs for their online projects. Kamil is always being a determined problem solver, driven by the desire to understand every client’s needs, ambitions and long-term goals to make sure they are provided with the help they need to flourish and grow their business in its full potential.


Now he leads a small team of dedicated designers and developers who are passionate about creating and developing new businesses online and efficient on helping clients’ business and being understanding of their business’s needs.


HTML5 (markup)0%
CSS3 (styling, layout, animation)0%
Bootstrap (responsive design)0%
Flexbox (responsive design)0%
jQuery (CSS animations,)0%
Javascript (front-end manipulation)0%
SEO (content optimisation)0%
WordPress (CMS)0%
Invision (prototyping)0%
Cacoo (prototyping, wire-framing)0%